G654 Granite Countertops,vanity tops,worktops,bench tops

There are various kinds of quality for G654 granite . G654 from our cooperated mining quarry is clean G654 , little color difference and little flaw . They are very suitable for granite kitchen countertop, worktops , bathroom countertops.

G654 granite we offer for granite countertops is also good for used as granite monument , crafts ,granite tombstone .

G654 granite kitchen worktops offer a contemporary, high quality finish to your kitchen. granite worktops come in difference shapes , various edge treatment and will give a polished quality finish to any style of kitchen - be it modern or traditional.

We also supply related items such as G654 granite sinks , faucet etc. to match G654 granite countertops.

G654 granite countertops suitable for both residencial kitchen remolding project and hotel project.

Popular edge : Eased edge , bullnose edge , ogee etc.