G654 Granite

G654 granite , Charcoal Dark Grey Granite, also name padang dark, Sesame Black,China Nero Impala

Main products: G654 honed wall tiles , G654 granite natural split cobble stone, G654 granite flamed pavers

Category: Black Granite
Origin: China
Main Color: Black

G654 granite is famous China dark grey ( black ) granite , it is used in various inner and external project. At present , most popular products in our line is : flamed granite tiles , honed granite wall cladding panels, natural split granite cube stone , car park paving tiles,driveway pavers and road kerbs .

Although G654 granite quarry is forced to stop working , we have raw blacks and raw slabs in stock , it is no problem to offer G654 granite products

G654 granite is a black granite from China.

Standard size: 12*12*3/8" (30.5*30.5*1cm),24*24*4/5"(60*60*2cm),

60*120*2cm or 3cm,48*96*3/4" or 9/8"(120up*240up*2cm or 3cm)

Finishing: Polished, Honed,Flamed, Pickling, Bushhammered, Picked, Chiselled, Brushed, Water-jet, Flamed+ Brushed, Sandblasted, Mushroom, Nature Split

We are quarry owner of G654 granite .


Process of G654 granite raw block in quarry

Blocks are cut into raw finish slabs in quarry,then slabs are shipped to our factory for futher process . it save a lot of time and cost for raw material shipping .

G654 granite raw material come from our own quarry , our factory is just in quarry area . Considering material quality , price and supply ability , we are completely advantageous enterprise .



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Advantage Products: Natural split G654 granite cube stone, G654 granite paving stone


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